Friction Free Shaving

Project Type:
Branding, Packaging, Website, Social Media

The Challenge:
The co-founders of FFS came to us with a new and innovative product for the UK market, a subscription based women’s razor service. Whilst the product was well sourced and clearly had a niche, the founders were unsure what to call the company, and how to then go about marketing it.

Our big challenge was to create a powerful brand which would appeal to a female audience and then devise a strategy to market the brand using a low budget.

The Result:
Friction Free Shaving, or FFS for short, is here to take the irritation out of shaving for women.

We named them FFS based on the insight that shaving is a chore.

So Friction Free Living means: no getting ripped off by the big razor businesses, no pimply skin from having used a blunt blade, and no finding out that you’ve got no fresh blades just at the moment that you really need them.

The style and tone of the brand is an antidote to all the cliches in the category. No waterfalls or unrealistic body types here. Just real women and a straight talking humorous tone that shouts about all of the things that make women say #FFS.

Friction Free Shaving launched just before Christmas and already have a rapidly growing community of subscribers. Look out for them this year as they seek to become the nation’s Shaviour.