Heck "Give 'EM HECK" Creative Campaign

Heck Foods

Project Type:
2016 Creative Campaign

In line with the new year, Heck Foods were looking for a new creative campaign to kickstart sales and shape creative for the year to come. Hearts and Minds were tasked with developing an initial route and then applying this route across all peices of collateral from that point onwards.

After rounds of creative concepts, the slogan chosen was “Give ‘Em Heck”, this was a very fluid concept that could work across numerous constructs and apply to different problems. For example, “The Girls want a low calorie, low-carb, low-fat, tasty dinner? Give ‘Em Heck!” applied to adverts which were focusing on slimming, to be used in weight watching media. Adverts focusing on BBQs could say “Summer has started and the BBQ is out – Give ‘Em Heck!”.

Strong copy lines, mixed with block colour backgrounds and pack shots formed the backbone of this campaign, and would work across HECK creative throughout 2016.