Branding and Strategy

Project Category
Assistive Travel


Limitless Travel was set up by Angus Drummond, who himself was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Angus envisioned a travel brand which strove to help those less able to travel under normal circumstances. As such, the company provides everything from package holidays, to flights, to travel tips and example itineraries.

Our Work

Hearts and Minds were approached to initially work on the marketing of Limitless Travel, however the scope quickly took into account the branding and website design.

The logo itself is a take on the infinity symbol, mixed in with the ā€œLā€ from the name. The colour palette is a mixture of bold punchy darker colours, and light ocean-like tones.

The typography used throughout Limitless is varying weights of two types of sans-serif font. This provides a contemporary, modern feel to the brand.