Kestrel Lager Rebrand

Kestrel Lager

Project Type:
FMCG Branding, Website Design and Development

Kestrel Lager is a Scottish heritage brand, hugely popular in the 1980s and 90s when it was supported with much enjoyed advertising campaigns featuring comedians and actors Hugh Laurie and Russ Abbot. Since then, the brand went through a period of relative decline before, in 2012, it was bought by their current owner and returned to their Scottish roots

Hearts and Minds, in collaboration with it’s previous namesake SPD, were tasked with rebranding the beer across five separate SKUs. This included bottle and can packaging, logo development, photography, case packaging and of course a fully responsive website viewable at:

The brand has subsequently been stocked across multiple retailers and is enjoying a resurgence in both the on and off trade.