Onist Foods

Project Type:
Branding, Packaging, Website Design

Onist is a healthy chocolate pot created by Mary Lynch, a nutritionist who has worked a lot with Jamie Oliver in the past. This lovely little pot is packed with goodness. Better still, each pot purchased also buys a breakfast for a child in Africa.

Hearts and Minds were tasked with designing the logo, branding, and packaging for this delightful FMCG brand. As the colour of the product resembled a brown cacao, and the pot was small and transparent, we decided to strip the logo back to a more natural feel. The label is actual transparent when placed on the pot- this saves costs but also makes clever use of the product colour behind it to highlight the logo. The lid designs are drawn in house.

Onist’s website was designed using using a template program which we supplied assets for.

A product book was also designed for selling to buyers and retail customers.