Daughter Of The Soil


Branding and Packaging

Project Category:

FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Cosmetic Skin Care


Daughter of the Soil (DOTS for short) is a range of African cosmetic beauty products, focusing on ingredients sourced across the continent. The name “Daughter of the Soil” is a traditional Ugandan term used affectionately by parents to describe the young girls in the family. The founders of DOTS wanted to create a premium skincare brand which was ethically sourced, and gave back to the African female community. The range is extensive, with multiple body oils, hand lotions, body washes/lotion and face creams. Each product sold raises funds for the charity Able Children Africa.

The brand is priced at the mid-upper level of the women’s cosmetic market, with a positioning of “ethical luxury”, and is currently marketed in high end pharmaceutical boutiques in the UK.

Our Work

Hearts and Minds were approached to work on the branding and packaging for every SKU in the DOTS range. Our first task was to understand the provenance of the brand, and then apply a logo and mark which reflected African heritage whilst also fitting nicely into the segment the brand is positioned for.

The colour palette chosen is meant to nod towards the rich mineral deposits within the African soil, as well as the green topography of the land. The logo mark itself is an abstraction of a rain drop touching the soil, working as a metaphor for both the name of the brand as well as the ingredients in each SKU.

The typefaces chosen have a bold sans-serif logotype, accompanied by elegant italicised serif body copy. This provides an interesting contrast on the bottle and also nods to the premium segment the brand is positioned in. The patters used indicate an African design, subtly screen printed in grey with a spot UV to provide a glint when the bottle catches the light.